About us

„Why Stablerating“: A Website for horse riders, made from horse riders.

The idea was born when I had to move to a new town and start a new job. My horse –of course—had to follow. But just browsing the web for new stables was difficult. Even though I could find most of the stables around my new living area, the only thing I could do is having a look at the website and try to decide whether or not this would be a good stable for my horse, or if it at least would be worth a visit. But it was not possible to find out from the distance whether or not my horse gets out on the paddock every day, how good or bad the riding hall is, how good or bad the outside riding ground is, how the quality of the hey or provender is or how the actual „vibrations“ or „moods“ on that stable amongst the riders actually is.
So the only way to find that out, was driving to my new location and having a look at one stable after the other.
Which was an exhausting process.

Don’t get me wrong: This Website doesn’t substitute the process of having a personal look at the stable you want to choose. But it can help you in finding the right stable candidates for that first look.
Someone being a tournament pro for sure has different criteria for a „matching stable“ than someone who just wants to ride out in the woods and enjoy time or for someone who wants to make his/her first riding experiences on calm training horses.

So the idea was born to get these criteria being evaluated by those who use them every day.